Hello – and Welcome to: The Gypsy Cycles “Family”

Gypsy Cycles, founded 2003, is dedicated to helping owners needing service provided by competent.

Certified Mechanics – mechanics who are capable of effecting a repair and doing this with a genuine interest in helping the owner. Specializing in Harley-Davidson, owner and Chief Mechanic Nate Grinnell has been working on Harleys for well over 20 years and takes pride in his work. Nate graduated at the top of his class from the American Motorcycle Institute (AMI).

All of our work is fully guaranteed and as we are a friendly business, we take pride in knowing our customers. At Gypsy Cycles, we value honesty, quality work, and fair rates. Give us a try! Some shops “cringe” when an old, pre 1984 Harley in need of service comes into the shop.

Not so here, as old and new bikes receive the experience and knowledge necessary for working on “old” and new bikes. Besides Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Gypsy also services American Ironhorse motorcycles, Big Dogs, and other American made “Harley Clones”.

Gypsy stocks a lot of parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles which often fit Harley “clones” including American Ironhorse, Big Dog, etc. and can get parts for your motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile, and ATV in typically 1 to 3 days – and save you money versus other sources.

Gypsy can modify motorcyles with all sorts of accessorie: pipes, handle bars, fairings, and all the other “goodies” you’ve been wanting to have taken care of. So be comfortable knowing Gypsy not only has the knowledge and skill to make modifications from the simple to the complex, but is fully capable in building you your dream bike – from scratch. If you are fussy about your motorcycle, understand Gypsy is very fussy when it comes to taking care of your bike.

Gypsy treats customers right and would like the opportunity to earn your repeat business. This is why customers return again and again – they are now part of the “Gypsy Family!”

If you feel your club, organization, or business promotes Gypsy Cycles, we’d like to reciprocate and post a link to your website. Email us explaining how you support us, your website’s URL, and if you have a link to Gypsy Cycles on your website. Join Gypsy Cycles expanding “Family of Friends”!

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AIHOO recognizes Gypsy Cycles in Rowley, MA as a shop with the skills to service AIH Motorcycles. The owner is willing to help, and so openly honest. We’ve read the reviews from others and agree – this is what we all remember American businesses to be like DECADES ago and wonder why more businesses here in the USA aren’t like this today. We wish all American businesses would be like Gypsy Cycles in Rowley, MA.

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