You have so very few hours for yourself … why ever spend them working on your bike?

Our AMI Certified Motorcycle Mechanics are full-time professionals who will get your work done properly while you are off doing something else with your time.

All Gypsy Cycles mechanics are graduates of the American Motorcycle Institute and are Certified Motorcycle Mechanics. If your “guy” isn’t Certified by AMI, why chance going there?

Enclosed Trailer offering FREE Pick Up & Delivery within our service area. Call for details.

The Gypsy Cycles Difference:

H-D just wants your money …

Gypsy Cycles wants you as a long time, repeat customer!

Some of the Services Gypsy Cycles Certified Mechanics Perform:

  • Specializing In
    • Harley-Davidson – newer models
    • “Old” Harleys (pre 1984)
    • American Ironhorse, Big Dog, etc.
  • Certified Dyno Jet Power Commander Installer
    • On site certified installer for proper installation
    • Makes your bike perform it’s best.
  • Motor Work / Rebuilds / Modifications
    • H-D
    • EV
    • motors rebuilt/repaired
    • S&S, etc.
  • Performance work
    • All stages.
  • Authorized S&S Factory Dealer
    • S&S stocking parts dealer
    • S&S repair center.
  • Accessory Installation
    • Handlebars
    • Forward Controls
    • Lighting
    • Illuminated Turn Signal Mirrors
    • Audi
    • Systems
    • GPS Installations
    • Wiring
    • Wind Screens
    • Fairings
    • Cell Phone Mounting
    • Saddle Bags
    • Exhaust
    • Intakes
  • Tune Ups
    • Get the most your bike can deliver!
    • Approved Dynojet Power Commander Tuning Center
  • Electrical work
    • Existing Electrical System work & repairs
    • Adding Electrical Accessories
    • Electrical System modification
  • Fluid Changes & Filter Changes
    • Amsoil, Drag, etc. – all brands available
    • Engine Oil
    • Transmission Oil
    • Primary Oil
    • Hydraulic Oil
  • Repairs and Maintenance
    • Basic Repairs
    • Extreme Repairs
    • Crashed Bikes
  • Painting
    • Mild, often single color, (typical) paint jobs
    • Out of sight, mind blowing, artistic designs!
  • Powder Coating
    • Wheels
    • Parts
    • Jugs, etc.
  • Custom Bikes Built
    • Stop dreaming & just Do IT!
    • If you can dream it, we CAN build it!
    • Let’s plan it together!
  • Tires and Wheels
    • For ALL motorcycle makes and models
    • New Tires – all Types, Brands, Sizes
    • New Wheels – available from all suppliers
    • Tires Mounted and Balanced
  • Spoke Wheels
    • Laced
    • Trued
    • Done right & done right here, on site
  • Front End Work
    • Repairs
    • Springers
    • Different Rakes
    • Hidden Axle Designs
    • Trees
    • Chrome legs
  • Massachusetts Motorcycle Inspection Station

ALWAYS Low and Reasonable Prices! Call or email NOW!

PM wheels shown – killers!!! PM is just one of our suppliers.
  • New Tires – allTypes, Brands, Sizes. RIDE SAFE!
  • Tires & Wheels for ALL motorcycle makes & models.
  • Tires Mounted and Balanced.
  • Spoke Wheels Laced & Trued – here, onsite.
  • Wheels Powdercoated.
  • Many Chrome, Polished and Colored Wheels available to make your ride a standout! AWESOME !!
  • Changing your wheels and tires dramatically transforms your ride’s appearance! What a “WOW” factor! And since your wheels come off to put on new tires, why not put new tires on new wheels? Doing BOTH at the same time sure saves you time & money!

Gypsy Cycles is your Battery and Battery Tender Supplier

Don’t get stuck with a dead battery this riding season. Now’s the time to replace it with a fresh, reliable power source. And, pick up a Deltran Tender to always keep it fresh and reliable!!!

Our pricing is ALWAYS low!

  • YUASA in stock. Ballistic, HD & others in just 1 day.
  • Battery Testing done here – we’ll check it out.
  • DELTRAN Battery Tenders – for a single bike.
  • DELTRAN Battery Tenders – connect multiple bikes, ATVs, yard equipment, etc. to just one DELTRAN Tender.
  • SOLAR DELTRAN Battery Tenders – for sheds without power, boats without shore power, or sitting on a trailer!
  • Extra Battery Tender cables – share one Tender with other bikes, yard equipment, ATVs, etc.
  • Batteries for H-D, Metrics, Ironhorse, Big Dog, Customs, BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Boats, ATVs, yard equipment, etc.
  • An old, tired battery should be replaced.
  • Wthout a Tender, you’ll see us sooner, rather than later!
  • Your choice – new battery …or… CLICK-click-silence!


Gypsy Cycles is an Official Massachusetts Motorcycle (only) Inspection Station

Annual MA inspection renewals must be done during the month of May & since you’ll be here anyway … it just makes sense to change your fluids and filters at the same time!

  • Gypsy Cycles stocks AMSOIL products and Drag Specialty Products for engine, primary, and transmission fluid changes.
  • We stock both Drag Specialty Chrome & Black Filters.
  • If you prefer something different, we usually have it here in a day, so relax – we are ready to service your bike with the products YOU prefer. You are certainly NOT locked in to only the products a dealer carries.

2018 Inspection Stickers Why wait? Avoid the Rush!